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werevaranus [userpic]

I can't sleep.... let's make soap X-D

September 28th, 2006 (03:11 am)

Feels: horny
current song: Jim Carrey - on saturday night live.mpg - What is love

03:00am of Prague time. I can't sleep.
at 4 o'clock rides the first bus do Prague and then via metro to Main station, where's my train at 6:10.
How long I haven't seen her? three weeks or all the eternity? (lol) The best of all is she has the same meaning of
the eternity when at last we can see each other :P.

What will we do this whole day? Xi xi, walking, talking, who knows ^..^
Anyway it was raining 1 hour ago so i hope the morning at Hradec Kralove will be dry enough for walking among woods and a little picnic :P.