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werevaranus [userpic]


October 4th, 2006 (09:39 pm)

Feels: calm

Third day of 2nd university year and Iam calm :P
However the list of books i got to read is huge, so waste of time *mad smile*.
Yep and I so wanted to read the end of The taming of the Shrew XP.

But that Walt Whitman would be maybe nice as well. Do somebody know him? Leaves of Grass (from Song of myself)? :P
This text I have to read and find an Ideas and just what-the-hell-he-talk'n'think-about stuff XD
Any idea what is it about? :P

today I had meeting with my dragoness for one hour and next meeting will be at saturady, WrooWOW! XD
That one hour was as an apple for starving... It Can't make you full, but you want more for that taste XD

well after this day Iam tired, so sweet dreams to you all ;)