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werevaranus [userpic]

Iam back (again) :P

September 25th, 2006 (08:43 am)

Feels: accomplished
current song: The Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business - Pump It.mp3

Huh, well....how long it is... hm about half-year when I haven't been here.
So Iam back and what is new about me? The summer holiday was crap because I didn't know
if I could continue the academi. A lot of of importart stuff for mark I haven't, I was
pissed of the bi-girl with I have been mating and pissed of to myself that I was not sure
Iam not able to get good job and make money just be able to survive in this fraggin' sociality.

And how it's happend?
I've completed missed works and went for two last oral tests from 'history of czech lands' and 'czech morphology'.
One better than another. The trial from History I wasted four times because the professor is smeghead from mediaeval
who knows every shit what makes any king on the toilet. But at the morphology I had a lucky that in-same-way-dumb
profesor gone under scalpel to hospital and with substitute I did sufficient score. And because I can move one subject to another year I did it.

Well, Thx to Vallhala I did it...

So the circle starts again and I started cleaning the giant mess in my room,
draw some stuff and writing LJ :P
And by-the-way There was one person in this half-year who was still giving me a reason to live and still trying to live.
And Iam happy that I have here....

end of log

werevaranus [userpic]


April 20th, 2006 (09:36 am)

Feels: devious

The Nail Ripper

People Iced:Forty Four
Car Bombs Planted:Nine
Favorite WeaponA Cleaver
Arms Broken:Sixteen
Eyes Gouged:Fifteen
Tongues Cut Off:Thirteen
Biggest Enemy:Butter Fingers

Get Your HITMAN Name

werevaranus [userpic]

icq chat with dragoness about Easter

April 17th, 2006 (08:18 pm)

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werevaranus [userpic]

Trip to Hradec

April 1st, 2006 (09:51 am)

Feels: relaxed

the 1st of April I had been in Hradec Kralove, Nice city some miles far of The Prague.
travel to there with a bus and travel to back with a train.
I had been there with a one friend (dragoness) in a good tearoom for all day :P

At last I get relax after the all terrible week and the travel back to the home was cooly interesting.
I was in train coupe with a deaf and dumb people who had some sport match in Hradec Kralove.
It was cool to learn and talk with them in sign language, i know what is "how are you" and "fine", "why, therefore, wolf, dragon, boy and girl" and some nasty words as well X-D.

Just It was good experience and the all day was just perfect.
*hopes for next good saturday*

werevaranus [userpic]

Yesterday's rock concert :)

February 15th, 2006 (09:01 pm)

Feels: amused

a quick-furry-sketch of the singing Evita :)

werevaranus [userpic]


February 15th, 2006 (09:09 am)

Feels: refreshed
current song: Evita's rock-funk hits!

Uh YEah! I've been yesterday in rocko concert =)
I got myself to there via a girl who have been singing there and who I know from coffe-bar Globe, where she works.
I started at 8pm in a popular place in center of Prague (Národní třída street).

In fact It was my first time when I was in so much loud music and be one of that crazy dancing guys.

That was really fine, my life is introvert looser, who sits at computer or work at the farm all day and week and all eternity.
Iam not smoking, even this popular nargileh, Iam not drinking and never had been wasted
(I like only 1 glass of white wine or shampagne at evening).

Iam just that nice boy who can work as an ox, studying at university, doesn't smoke, drink or any other drug and blah blah blah... all day has to have a lot of thoughts about his fucking wasting life and role in this fucking Life's Drama.
Thoughts about people and largely girls and dragonesses which I painfuly harmed by my Fucking and blind Ego.

If you saw the last pics, you understand.

*sigh* So back to the yesterday... Always I was shy to dance, always I was shy be released in this kinds of party.
So... Let's finnaly do upgrade.

werevaranus [userpic]

A gunman and punishment

February 10th, 2006 (08:36 am)

Feels: blah

werevaranus [userpic]

tragedy of life

February 8th, 2006 (06:33 pm)

Feels: beated

My life is my punishment.
And I can't to kill myself
because I have to suffer that all.

But why are we the expiators...
for what reason we are punished?

for what reason was jews punished in second world war.
for what reason was black people slaved to america.

Life's sucks!

werevaranus [userpic]

A gunman and Hamlet

February 3rd, 2006 (05:58 pm)

Feels: artistic

It was all-day work :P


werevaranus [userpic]

LOL! czech forum discussion :P

January 30th, 2006 (05:40 pm)

Feels: Bonapetit

[17:33] Olven: Double komodo...
[17:34] Weredragon has disconnected: Ping timeout
[17:34] Waranus: MUHEH! :P
[17:34] Olven: kitty: Muheh musi byt tve oblibene slovo. :o)
[17:34] Waranus: uz jen one ;ú
[17:34] Waranus: ;)
[17:34] Kitty: jj muheh:o)
[17:34] Waranus: muheh
[17:34] Kitty: ve vsech tvarech
[17:34] Sigmar_v_praci: Olven: Double komodo? ...hele, neprehanej to uz v tom mekaci? :D
[17:34] Waranus: muhih
[17:34] Waranus: LOL!
[17:34] Kitty: muhehe uhe
[17:34] Olven: Sigmar: Double komodo menu? LL!
[17:34] Olven: *LOL
[17:35] Chir: I´m lovin it
[17:35] Kitty: cheee treba by to bylo mnamkovy
[17:35] Olven: To asi moc jedly neni..
[17:35] Waranus: dvojity cheeseWere :P
[17:35] Olven: Bylo by to zeleny...
[17:35] Waranus: jsem proste k zakousnuti ;)
[17:35] Kitty: no zni to exoticky;oD
[17:35] Waranus: k nakousnuti ;)
[17:35] Olven: Wereburger s Crodilkama a jedna Komokola
[17:35] Waranus: ROFTL!
[17:36] Sigmar_v_praci: Olven: ROFL! :D
[17:36] Kitty: :oDDD
[17:36] Waranus: hey a co takhle nejkae prachy za propujceni jmena? ;)
[17:37] Sigmar_v_praci: Waranus: Nic nebude :P
[17:37] Kitty: maximalne jedna Komola k menu zdarma:oP
[17:37] Waranus: LOL :P
[17:37] Sigmar_v_praci: :D
[17:37] Olven: A Happy komodo s figurkou Weredragona uvnitr. XDDDDD
[17:38] Chir: A to se vyplatí!(bob a tom)
[17:38] Sigmar_v_praci se velmi hlasite chechta...
[17:38] Sigmar_v_praci: Olven: Aaaaaa! LOOOL :D:D:D
[17:38] Sigmar_v_praci: ta figurka to uz je moc! :D:D
[17:38] Waranus: LOL!
[17:38] Olven: Akcni figurka. :>
[17:38] Waranus: ROTFL!